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The cotton hd scarf is the most beautiful and appreciated by fans all over the world.

The cotton hd scarf is perfect for very detailed designs, that impossible to insert on a wool scarf.

It’s all because, in these personalized scarves, the weaving stitches are narrower.

These scarves are tubular, it means that they are made completely by removing the cloth and folding it centrally into 2 parts to obtain the front and the back, for close it later  and finish the product with the fringe or the desired finish.

The scarves later are checked one by one and ironed to give them maximum softness.

There is also a possibility of applying the long or knots  fringe to make the cotton hd scarf even more personalised.

On the web you can find many offers of “high definition” scarves but they don’t have anything similar with this product.

Seeing is believing!