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Choreographies for fans, for ultras and sport teams. Flags with the logo of your team. Balloons, mini hands clappers, tubes for fans.

Do you want to make your bend, hall or party the most spectacular there is?

In this section you will find all the products you need to create your colorful choreographies.

We make lots of gadgets and products to meet the needs of fans both in terms of utility and price.

Let’s start with talking about the silver sheets: they are usually one-color of 50×35 cm .. the color is on one side while on the other it is silver.

The pvc bibs, on the other hand, ensure that the fan can wear the color directly.

The cards can be monochrome or printed with your own logo.

For those who want to create a luminous choreography, we can provide starlights to give light to their own building or stadium.

We also have pvc reels: colored rolls to create strips in your colored choreographies.

The big hands, on the other hand, are a nice and typical gadget of American sports but which gives a beautiful graphic effect.