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Wide selection of embroidered custom bomber jackets and harrington dedicated to football fans, ultras group and sport clubs. Look at the catalogue.

Bomber Jackets

Originally created for pilots, the bomber is a type of jacket which later became part of the casual “civilian” wardrobe.

During the First World War, the bomber was made as a clothing item for pilots, as many warplanes had an open cockpit, and therefore pilots needed to keep warm enough. This is the evolution of the windbreaker that the pilots of the Royal Flying Corps had adopted since 1915.

It became a fashion item at the turn of the seventies and eighties as the “baseball bomber”, and was later adopted by various subcultures such as skinheads in the eighties and hip hop culture in the early 2000s.

The model of the modern embroidered custom bomber jackets has remained substantially unchanged over the years. Most common models have abundant line and sleeves, elastic waist and cuffs and zip closure. The colors vary over a wide range, but camouflage green remains among the most common: a legacy of its origins as a military garment and black.

MA1 personalized bomber is the classic, historic and never out of fashion. Made of durable and high quality nylon it is a windproof and water repellent jacket. It features two side pockets with flaps and a zip pocket on the upper arm. Also it has a knitted belt on the neck, sleeves and bottom.

It is available in many sizes (up to 7xl) and in different colors.

Harrington Jackets

The Harrington jacket is a classic English style jacket created in the 30s of the last century in Manchester, which became iconic in the 50s thanks to actors such as James Dean and Elvis Presley. Subsequently many other artists, such as Frank Sinatra or Eric Clapton contributed to the spread of this garment.

On our site you can find different models, some cheaper, others more refined and valuable.

There are also many colors available.

Each harrington jacket variant has a different tartan design on the inside. The Scottish tartan can also vary within the same product depending on the color.

The Harrington is particularly distinguished by its Scottish tartan interior. The non-drip but light outer fabric is particularly suitable for mid-season. The bottom is elasticated with a bomber-like closure, while the zip is strictly in metal. The hooded version is also recently produced, available on our website.