Cheap Folding Cushions

The most economical version of our cheap personalized stadium book cushions is produced from TNT, a nearly waterproof material, and personalized on the 2 outer sides.
In cheap custom stadium cushions and ‘can also add the elastic to secure the 2 parts together.
No limits of colors or graphics, you can fully customize the pillow according to your tastes and needs.

Our cheap custom folding pillows are made fromnon-woven fabric (TNT), have the outer packaging and optional elastic band included. The elastic band is a highly recommended accessory for the convenience of the pillow closure. The folding closure is the one defined as “folding”.

These cushions are very comfortable and convenient, a great gadget to bring to stadiums. They are completely customizable as they are printed and therefore have no graphic limitations. Logos, lettering and designs of any type and in any colour can be added according to your needs.

Our folding cushions are produced very quickly and therefore the waiting time for shipping is very short. You can come and see them in person, so you can see the perfection of the details, at our showroom in Imola, just 5 minutes from the motorway exit.

The cheap custom folding cushions can also be produced in the Premium version where they are even more beautiful and cared for. See them on our website Premium Stadium Cushions

The customizable folding cushion is one of the most popular items in the ultras world thanks to its uniqueness and multi-functionality combined with the feature of maximum and total customization.

For this article there is no minimum order but it is advisable to start from a dozen to get a price even more favorable.



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