Personalized summer masks

Summer colored masks are the lightest and freshest model in our collection. They have a higher level of breathability than those with double or triple layers, making them less performing for protection from external agents.

The print is on lightweight 100% POLYESTER jersey, while the inner part is made of 100% CERTIFIED POLYESTER FABRIC.

This product is neither a medical device nor PPE for employee protection. It can be used simply as a free use mask. Produced in Italy in line with the DCPM of 26 April 2020 art.3 paragraph 3 regulating the production of the community mask.

Inner layer: Fire retardant fabric 100% polyester 70 gr/mq
Outer layer: Polyester jersey 90 gr/mq
The masks are washable and reusable.

Sizes available:
-Girl 8-12 years old
-Child 5-7 years old
-Child 2-4 years

Minimum: 1 piece

Ask for a quote for all other quantities and for the complete price list.

If you are looking for a more filtering and heavier product look also at the custom masks double layer or the
custom triple layer masks
. Or take a look at the
personalized masks child

Our summer colored masks are tailored for the warmer season. These masks are very thin but are still made from a double fabric. The inner part is flame retardant certified polyester, while the outer part is lightweight polyester knit.

This type of product, light and made with wide-mesh fabrics, is the one with the least filtering capacity among the customized masks made by our company. We are able to make both adult and child custom masks.

The summer model, compared to the other models made, is slightly smaller. The personalized summer masks are perfect for those who love to run or walk during the summer.

You too can choose our coloured summer goggles for a summer in safety, but without sacrificing style. we have the possibility to produce even 1 piece totally customized.

Football team masks

Get ready for the new season with our masks. This garment will likely be needed in the stands and for all managers/technicians of football teams, as it is for all other sports. Don’t be caught unprepared with an anonymous mask. With our summer masks you can show your colors everywhere.

Summer masks for couples

In this particular historical moment this article is also perfect as a gift for your partner. You can choose to produce 2 identical templates with both names, or each with its own name and different colored backgrounds.




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