Scarf Cotton HD 140 x 18 cm double

Fan scarf made of is the perfect scarf for those who want special designs and very finished because they are recreated with the same definition..the double model is woven from both sides

High Definition Double Cotton Scarf

  • Woven logos with great graphic definition
  • long fringe, knot fringe, no fringe
  • double
  • made of manocotton
  • up to 5 colors

You can come and see the High Definition Double Cotton Scarf at our location, we are in Imola just 5 minutes from the highway exit. You will also be able to find the hd maxi 160×24 cm double cotton hd scarf.

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Wool/Acrylic mix or 100% hand-dyed acrylic Wool


140 x 18 cm



Available colors

Azure, Black, Blue Navy, Blue Royal, Brown, Dark Green, Green, Light Blue, Middle Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Red grenade, Violet, White, Yellow

Usable colors

Up to 5 colors


minimum 20 pieces

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