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Custom fabric banners. Custom banners for ultras. Flags with design for football fans. Personalized banners with logo for fans.

The Ultras story is full of anecdotes of disputed banners, stolen, disappeared and perhaps reappeared after many years in the hands of friendly or enemy groups.

The banners traveled on cars, trains, airplanes, which saw clashes, passed many hands, and maybe even some police headquarters.

A few meters of fabric to represent the passion and attachment to the knit of the heart.

We are well aware that a banner is a unique and inimitable piece, and it is a great honor for us to be its creators, and for this reason, especially on this article, we take care of every detail in a maniacal way.

The size is completely customizable, but the fabric on which they are printed has a maximum height of 1.50 meters. If both dimensions are greater than 1.50 meters we will have to weld the various pieces together.

We have various attacks available, depending on the use you want to make of the banner. Find all the information in the appropriate section.

The fabric we print on is polyester fabric.