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Custom hats with design. Custom beachwear and accessories with logo. Personalised beachwear Made in Italy different models.

Personalized hats

Discover the best European production of personalized hats.
For 20 years, Ultraspoint has been producing customized hats on request for companies, football teams, and fans.

Personalized summer hats

The section on custom summer hats starts with the classic curved visor hats, also called baseball caps, with velcro on the back. Other models available, of higher range, have instead the closure made with a metal strap, such as the Action caps . Other very popular models are the Urban or Army caps, also known as Vasco Rossi hats, as they are very often worn by the great singer of Zocca.

Much appreciated by the ultras groups is also the various fisherman models, present both in one color and in several colors.

Aimed at the younger audience are flat brim caps, some whole, others with the retina in the back.

Personalized winter hats

One of our great exclusives are the personalized winter hats. Within this archive you will find the beautiful jacquard wool headphones. These wool hats have various shapes: the most classic is that of the cap with pompom, but the same model is also available without the pompon. The new scuffiotti have instead been designed to offer an innovative service to those who require greater definition for their logos, combining this with an exclusive and more modern line.

Also part of the winter hats category is our ninja cap , an innovative specially designed for those who do not want to give up their identity when cornering but want to protect their privacy