Category: Neck warmers

Custom neck warmers for fans and sport teams. Personalised neck warmer with your own logo. Wide catalogue of different models. Made in Italy.

Fleece neck warmers

We produce fully custom printed fleece custom neck warmers. We have the possibility to leave the raw cut product for an extremely economical item or to insert in these neck warmers also a seam at the ends and the drawstring, to tighten them.

This item can be made in 2 sizes: one for neck protection only, the other to extend the protection to the mouth and nose. However, both are fully customizable thanks to sublimation printing.

Wool neck warmer

We also have the possibility of producing customized wool neck warmers, in which it is possible to create the logo through the jacquard process (ie with the woven threads of different colors that intertwine to form the design), or striped.

The first jacquard model is suitable for not too complicated designs. Here, too, various heights are available.

The second striped model is instead customizable only in the colors of the stripes and in the height of the same. To personalize it with logos or writings it is necessary to add embroidery or patches: the result can certainly be a more valuable material, but clearly also at a higher cost.

Lightweight neck warmers

These personalized neck warmers are suitable for sports activities for the basic protection of the neck, being light, perforated and breathable. The material is the same used for soccer uniforms and in some basketball models.