Cheap Personalized Paper Flags 30×20 cm

The Printed Paper Flags 30×20 cm are already including the flagpole and in a smaller format than the 60×40 cm.
Any type of design can be reproduced without any limitation on colours.


The Personalized Cheap Paper Flags 30×20 cm are produced including a pole. They are perfect for any type of event, you can take them to the stadium, the arena, but also for any type of event organized.

They are printable on both front and back sides and have no graphic limitations. You can use logos, text and images without restrictions.

Thanks to the Personalised Cheap Paper Flags 30×20 cm you can create a really lively and colourful choreography for any event.

You can come and see some examples at our office, we are in Imola.

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about 100 grams/sq.m. per piece

Available colors

Azure, Black, Blue Navy, Blue Royal, Dark Green, Green, Light Blue, lilac, Middle Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Red grenade, Violet, White, Yellow

Usable colors

up to 6 colours


minimum 50 pieces

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