Ribbed Scarf

Ribbed spun scarf. It is made plain or banded, can be customized with patches or embroidery, and the banded coloring is the same on both sides.


The ribbed striped scarf is made in solid or banded colors and can be customized with patches or embroidery. The coloring of the bands is the same for both sides. Possibility of adding knot fringe.

Very characteristic and distinctive scarf has a size of 180×25 cm, so it turns out to be very large and comfortable. Its softness makes it one of the fan’s most sought-after products. Ideal for the stadium but also for everyday life to protect you from the cold of the winter season, just like the 150×20 cm double striped premium wool scarf.

The ribbed scarf is already available, come and see it at our showroom, we are in Imola. You will also be able to see the 150×20 cm double premium wool scarf.

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Wool/Acrylic mix or 100% hand-dyed acrylic Wool


about 180×25 cm (dimensions are customizable)



Available colors

Azure, Black, Blue Navy, Blue Royal, Brown, Dark Green, Green, Light Blue, Middle Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Red grenade, Violet, White, Yellow

Usable colors

2 colors


minimum 20 pieces

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