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Custom sweatshirts for fans and sport teams. Personalised sweatshirts with your own logo. Wide catalogue of different models. Made in Italy.

Certainly one of the most loved garments by fans, and not, are the personalized sweatshirts.

The highlight are the custom made in Italy sweatshirts made entirely by us.

This allows an infinite number of customizations both as colors, inserts, embroideries, zips, prints, borders and bottoms.

These sweatshirts have a little longer processing times than the classic catalog sweatshirt as it is made to measure. Among the sweatshirts of our production, a special mention deserves the diabolik sweatshirts and ninja sweatshirts, among our most popular products.

Synthetic triacetate sweatshirts, also called track tops, are also a highly sought after product. These sweatshirts can be printed on 100% of the surface even in small quantities.

The catalog sweatshirt, on the other hand, has faster delivery times.

It is a good quality but fairly inexpensive product with a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from.

It is not customizable with custom-made inserts, but only through printing and embroidery.

Custom hooded sweatshirts are the most requested product in this section, but we also have short, long and crew neck zips.

The availability of colors and sizes is not always guaranteed in each model, so we will advise you in each order which model to choose, also depending on availability.

The possible customization on this article is embroidery and printing, which can be done in various positions.