Custom Volleyball Jerseys

Our Personalized Volleyball Jerseys are completely made in Italy by Ultraspoint. They are available in all sizes and with completely free customization without any limits.


The Personalized Volleyball Jerseys are the classic game jerseys to wear on any volleyball court but not only. You can use them for your volleyball team in the gym, but also on the beach for beach volleyball. They are therefore ideal for different moments. You can also simply wear it as an everyday t-shirt to always have your favourite team with you while proudly displaying your favourite colours.

These t-shirts are printed so customization is completely free with no limits on graphics. You can express your imagination through logos, writings, drawings and compositions also very complex and articulated.

The volleyball t-shirt offered by Ultraspoint can also be personalized with your jersey number and name.

You can also match your custom volleyball jerseys to volleyball shorts so you can create your complete game uniform according to your needs. They are available in many sizes and in both men’s and women’s models.

This product combines excellent quality with a very competitive price. Request a completely free quote without any kind of commitment, we will be happy to respond to you with our best offer.

You can come and see them at our showroom and see for yourself the originality and perfection of the details of this article. We are in Imola, just 5 minutes from the motorway exit.

You can find more photos of our productions on our Instagram page, or on our Facebook page.



S, M, L, XL, XXL


180 gm/sqm


100% Polyester


No minimum order

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