Category: Waterproof

The best known model among waterproof jackets is the famous k-way, created in Paris in the 50s of the last century. Over the decades it has become the emblem of the classic lightweight rain jacket, which can be closed in very little space.

We have different types of raincoats available: the most requested are the Sirocco model by B&C, light and resealable, available in many colors.

Cheap ponchos are available, both colored and transparent, but also lined jackets that are already more similar to their own values ​​ winter jackets.

All models can be printed with customized logo. In customized raincoats, generally we tend to avoid the embroidered logo, as it pierces the rainproof fabric of the jacket itself.

The most used customization system is therefore the thermoadhesive hot stamping or the patch. The patch (or patch) can be either heat applied or sewn. The sewn patch also pierces the fabric but to an infinitely lesser extent than embroidery, and is therefore a valid possibility of customization.

Among the waterproof jackets in our catalog you can also find some models produced internally in our laboratory.