Category: Winter Jackets

A large collection of custom winter jackets offers many different models. From perfectly windproof nautical jackets, to the most elegant coats, up to the more sporty models.

The Ultraspoint catalog offers you different models also suitable for large sizes. All the products in this section are windproof and rainproof, check the characteristics in the individual product sheets.

Most custom winter jackets have a hood, some detachable or retractable. In several articles there is also a double closure, in fact the zipper can be combined with a velcro or button closure.

In the various articles it is also possible to see many products already customized in the past. You can find embroidered articles or with applied patches.

Patches (patches) are often applied on this type of article in order to avoid the loss of impermeability partially caused by embroideries that are too large.

The positions for applying embroidery and patches, in addition to the classic heart and arm side, are the most diverse. For example, they can be inserted above the cuff (not in all models), under the collar or on the hood.


The winter down jackets are characterized by the classic fixed checked stitching made over the down-filled winter jacket.

In the classic and more prestigious specimens the padding is made with real goose down. In promotional and cheaper models, the padded part is instead made with synthetic feathers.

The models you find in our dedicated section are different from each other mainly in the finishes. In some duvets, for example, the hood is only retractable, rather than fixed as in most of the articles.

Other variable details are instead the pockets with zip or not, the length of the garment, the presence of the elastic around the hood, and the material of the zip, which can be alternatively in plastic or metal.