Personalized Microfiber Beach Towels

Personalized Microfiber Beach Towels are made entirely in-house. This allows us to be able to print even small quantities, and also customize them individually.

All our microfiber towels are printed with no limitation on colors and graphic customization.

For smaller sizes, visit the microfiber towels page

Our custom beach towels are printed on one side all over (for the entire surface of the towel) while the other side remains white.

Compared with standard terry beach towels or premium cotton terry beach towels, custom microfiber beach towels are much are much lighter, but have a lower water absorption capacity. Once wet, however, they dry very quickly.

The colors are slightly less bright than with terry cloths, the smaller details, however, are printed perfectly.

The 160×75 cm size is perfect for custom pool towels. The 185×75 cm model is most suitable for beach beds.

Personalized microfiber beach towels are ideal for creating your own custom towel. You can make them unique in many different ways by customizing them with the colors and logos of your sports club, team, ultras group, or company.

These towels are perfect for travel. Even the largest formats, once folded, take up very little space.

They do not require a minimum number to order. They are also produced in a very short time frame. Request a completely free and no-obligation quote for custom tarps, we will be happy to get back to you with our best offer.

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All over printing without any color limitation


100% terry cloth


Minimum 20 pieces


450 gr/sqm

Available colors

Ash, Azure, Beige, Black, Blue Navy, Blue Royal, Brown, Deep Navy, Green, Grey, Grey “Grafite”, Light Blue, Magenta, Orange, Pink, Red grenade, Violet, White, Yellow

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