Personalized baby masks

Protecting our children is not easy, especially in situations where it is appropriate to wear masks. That’s why we’ve designed a made-to-measure line especially for them, to ensure that this garment is tolerated in the best possible way. We have the possibility to produce the mask in 3 different variants, each with a different degree of filtering.

The lightest are the summer goggles, made from 2 light layers of polyester. Then we have the best-selling customized masks, i.e. the double-layer masks with cotton inside and polyester gauzed outside, and finally the triple-layer masks with cotton inside, polyester gauzed outside and a third filtering layer of non-woven fabric between the two layers.

These gadgets are not medical devices or PPE.

All models are absolutely washable and reusable. Produced in Italy in line with the DCPM of 26 April 2020 art.3 paragraph 3 regulating the production of the mask of community.

Sizes available:
2-4 years
5-7 years
8-12 years

For orders of individual masks you can go to our e-commerce site

Personalized baby masks try to meet the aesthetic tastes of our children. We offer several ready-made wallpapers with many beautiful designs for children. The designs we propose are different according to age, and are obviously divided between those dedicated to boys and those for girls. You can customize them with your name on one of the predefined backgrounds, or you can also choose a totally customized graphic at your request.

Personalized children’s masks for sun camps and summer camps

For the summer we offer to all the organizers of solar camps and summer camps our masks, for the children who attend these moments of leisure. Also in this case there is the possibility of inserting the brand and the graphics of the solar camp, as well as the possibility of inserting the personalized names of the children who attend it, so that the mask is not exchanged between the children at mealtime or at rest.

Feasible models of templates

We can make these beautiful personalized baby masks in 3 different models
1 – light summer model in 2 layers of poly
2- double layer model in cotton inside and polyester gauzed outside
3- triple layer model in cotton inside, TNT filter and polyester gauzed outside

Choose your favorite model and protect your children.

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