Scarf Cotton HD Maxi 160 x 24 cm double

The hd maxi 160×24 cm double cotton scarf is made of soft manocotton which allows for well-structured, high-definition graphics thanks to the large size of the scarf. Customizable on both sides.


Cotton Scarf HD Maxi 160×24 cm double

  • high definition cotton
  • soft and warm fabric
  • excellent woven graphics
  • large size
  • superb quality

You can come and see the cotton scarf hd maxi 160×24 cm double at our office, we are in Imola just 5 minutes from the highway exit. You can also find the cotton scarf hd 140×18 cm double.

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Wool/Acrylic mix or 100% hand-dyed acrylic Wool


160 x 24 cm



Available colors

Azure, Black, Blue Navy, Blue Royal, Brown, Dark Green, Green, Light Blue, Middle Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Red grenade, Violet, White, Yellow

Usable colors

Up to 7 colours


minimum 20 pieces

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