Personalized Fleece Plaid

The Personalized Fleece Plaid is made exclusively by Ultraspoint. Available in 2 sizes. Protect yourself from the cold with the colors of your favorite team or company.

Available in two sizes:

120×70 and 150×120 cm



The Personalized Fleece Plaid is a really distinctive and popular item. It ‘a product especially winter, warm fleece. You can protect yourself from the cold and wind by displaying your team or company colors.

You can use it when the coach decides to bench you. You can use it on the stands to keep warm from the cold and weather.

As it is a printed product, it has no graphic limits, so you can customize it as you like, with logos, writings and designs, even very complicated ones. You won’t miss any graphic details on your Personalized Fleece Plaid.

It’s ideal for both ultras and sports, but it also lends itself to all kinds of other things. You can customize it with the logo of your store, your business or anything you can think of.

Available in two sizes:

120×70 and 150×120 cm

Come and see it at our showroom, you can touch the quality and precision of the details of this article so particular. We are in Imola, just 5 minutes from the motorway exit.

Ask for a free quote without any kind of commitment, we will be happy to answer you with our best offer. There is no minimum order for this item and production is very fast.

On our site you can find many other items suitable for the colder months.

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120×70 cm
150×120 cm



Usable colors

no graphic limits


minimum 10 pieces

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