Flags in Printed Cloth

We offer 4 standard sizes, from 65×45 cm to 145×100 cm, but the size is completely customizable. Indicated sizes are that one that are more economically. We can produce a flag starting from 1 single piece, without color  and size limits and completely customizable.

Printing is made on one side and the second side is transparent.



100% polyester


customizable to any size


about 60 gramms/mq for piece

Available colours

Arancione, Azzurro, Beige, Bianco, Black, blue navy, Blue Royal, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Deep Navy, Green, Grey, Light Blue, lilac, Marrone, Middle Grey, Pink, Red, Red grenade, Rosa Scuro, Rosso Mattone, Verde Chiaro, Verde Militare, Violet, Yellow, Yellow “Roma”

Usable colors

without limits even not presented in folder


1 piece


buttonhole, double buttonhole, ribbons, buttonhole and ribbons