Heavy Satin Double Scarf 140 x 19

Heavy satin double scarf 140 x 19 is the “big” version of the heavy classic satin scarf…. printed on both sides and It retains the heavy satin embossed texture.

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  • Heavy Satin Double Scarf 140 x 19
  • polyester printed
  • patterned satin
  • 140×19 cm
  • printed on both sides
  • with o whithout fringe

100 % polyester patterned


140 x 19 cm


140 gr/mq

Available colours

Arancione, Azzurro, Beige, Bianco, Black, blue navy, Blue Royal, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Green, Grey, Light Blue, lilac, Marrone, Middle Grey, Pink, Red, Red grenade, Rosa Chiaro, Rosso Mattone, Verde Militare, Violet, Yellow, Yellow “Roma”

Usable colors

unlimited..even if not presented in color folder


as minimum 20 pieces