Neck keychain

Neck keychain is the most trumpery from keychain that is why it’s wearable. Can be customized throughout the polyester tape!

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This item, which has only become popular in the past ten years or so, can be produced in 2 different styles: one is a jacquard model, with yarns of different colours woven together to create logos and text in a maximum of 3 colours, while the other is printed, consisting of a polyester tape, printed with a maximum of 6 colours on front and back.

The total length of the tape is about 1 metre, so the key chain hangs down to about 50cm.


100 % polyester


total length circa 1 metre, standard width 20 mm


about 20 g per piece

Available colors

Army Green, Azure, Beige, Black, Blue Navy, Blue Royal, Brick Red, Brown, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Dark Pink, Deep Navy, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Light Green, lilac, Middle Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Red grenade, Violet, White, Yellow, Yellow “Roma”

Usable colors

maximum 6 colors


minimum 100 pieces

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