pennants triangular

Exchanging pennants at the start of  a game is one of the oldest traditions in sport, the moment when the pre-match tension turns into adrenalin both on the field and in the stands.

Our pennants are available in various sizes and a wide range of shapes. Here we present you that one triangular.

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We can produce pennants in an unlimited number of colours, and it is possible to include all kinds of logos and photographs.

Prints can be produced on just one or both sides. The print on the reverse can be the same as that on the front or different.
When you choose the graphic design for your pennant, think carefully about the model you want to use; for example with triangular models logos will be smaller than on other models because there is less space for the print.


Printed polyester – metal rod – plastic outer case


– 15×10 cm- 28×20 cm- 35×25 cm


average weight circa 45 grams

Available colors

Army Green, Azure, Beige, Black, Blue Navy, Blue Royal, Brick Red, Brown, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Dark Pink, Deep Navy, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Light Green, lilac, Middle Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Red grenade, Violet, White, Yellow, Yellow “Roma”

Usable colors

without limits even if they are not presented in color folder


as minimum 20 pieces


Double bottonhole, ribbons, bottonhole and ribbons, rings

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