Standard Wool Scarf Large 140 x 20 cm Double

The scarf of the fan par excellence … is made on both sides with the jacquard technique that allows you to depict the design directly weaving into the plot of the scarf itself. We recommend not to use this article for logos or drawings too elaborate.


Custom wool scarves with logo, large 140×20 cm double. Direct production of scarves for fans, scarves for ultras, wool scarves with logo, scarves with design


Wool/Acrylic mix or 100% hand-dyed acrylic Wool


140 x 20 cm



Available colors

Azure, Black, Blue Navy, Blue Royal, Brown, Dark Green, Green, Light Blue, Middle Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Red grenade, Violet, White, Yellow

Usable colors

Up to 7 colours


minimum 20 pieces


knots, Long, Short, without fringe

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