Customized sweatshirts with zip

Our sweatshirts handcrafted in the workshop that you will find in this section all have the characteristic zip.
We can produce models of all types, customizing the colors, inserts, pattern, collar, cuffs and making your designs perferiti even on small quantities.
Take a look at our examples.

Our personalized sweatshirts with zip are conceived, realized and produced totally in Italy.

Thanks to the direct production in a handicraft laboratory we can guarantee a totally personalized product made in Italy in all details.

We can produce inexpensive sweatshirts even in limited editions, but also garments with very high quality finishes. Send us your ideas, show us which sweatshirt you would like to wear and we will make it happen. We can customize the body of the sweatshirt, the color of the zipper, the color and shape of the sleeves and neck.
We have the possibility to produce also collar, cuffs and striped band with personalized colors. In fact, you can choose from many colors and patterns to produce your custom striped cuffs, or your custom striped collar.

We can stock all sizes from children’s sizes up to 5XL.

In addition to custom lab zippered sweatshirts we can also customize cheap imported sweatshirts such as B&C zippered sweatshirts


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