Plastic flags

Plastic flags

Leader for years in the production and sale of plastic flags with rod. We offer many color variables already in stock, and we can print any color required.

We have both single-color flags and 2 or 3-color flags available. Of course, it is also possible to print them to measure.

The auction is already included in the flag, in order to supply them ready for use.

Flags for choreography

The main use of our plastic flags with temple is in the choreography inside stadiums or arenas. This product is cheap and very easy to use, and you can create beautiful choreographies of thousands of people in a few minutes, even in more colors if you divide the space into sectors.

To create an impactful scenography, it may be useful to already deposit the flags on the chairs before the audience arrives. This will allow for easier and above all more uniform distribution.

Flags for events

We are able to create thousands of customized flags for events of all kinds in a few days. In addition to the sports ones, we can produce flags for fairs, flags for conventions or even just decorative for indoors or outdoors.

For some types of events, such as concerts, it can also be useful to create instructions to accompany the flags, this will ensure that they are raised only at the right time.

Very often we make plastic flags also for street events, such as political or trade union demonstrations, flash-mobs or rallies of all kinds. Thanks to the strong television impact they are also perfect for religious mass demonstrations.

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