Premium Wool Scarf 165×20 cm Double

The premium large double wool scarf 165×20 cm is made of high quality wool. A longer than average size, it is perfect for the winter season at the stadium and the design is made using the jacquard method.

The double wool scarf 165×20 cm premium is personalized on both sides and the graphics can be different from each other. Including mixed fringe, i.e. a fringe made up of all the colours present in the scarf itself, just like the 150×20 cm double premium wool scarf.

Direct production high quality double wool scarf. The best in Italy and Europe, sold all over the world.
Product 100% made in Italy, with attention to the smallest details on both sides. Possibility to customize up to 7 colors, without losing quality and softness.

If you are interested in a cheaper product, but still woven in good quality, you can try the double standard wool scarves or the single standard wool scarves.

  • length 165×20 cm
  • premium quality wool
  • Personalization with jacquard method
  • Possibility to insert embroidery or labels
  • Personalized on both sides

Premium Double Wool Scarf 165×20 cm

Our high quality wool scarves have superior quality characteristics, especially in terms of softness, texture and material.
The yarns are wool blend or 100% acrylic. This product is known as ultras acrylic wool scarves, or more briefly as ultras wool scarves, as well as the 180×20 cm double premium wool scarf.

All our products are designed, manufactured and finished in Italy. We directly follow the entire production process of the material in the factory.
Direct production of personalized winter scarves made in Italy.


Wool/Acrylic mix or 100% hand-dyed acrylic Wool


165×20 cm



Available colors

Azure, Black, Blue Navy, Blue Royal, Brown, Dark Green, Green, Light Blue, Middle Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Red grenade, Violet, White, Yellow

Usable colors

Up to 7 colours


minimum 20 pieces

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