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Curve cover

The curve cover is a flag, in light polyester fabric, which is generally raised before the start of the games, and covers an entire sector, or part of it.

What in the last century was an undertaking that required very long times and above all gigantic spaces that not everyone had available, today it is possible to produce in a few days without any limit of colors and dimensions. We make our curve covers starting from panels of 1.50 meters, and then we assemble them together. Our graphic designers, thanks to the help of vector software, perform this task with millimeter precision.

Ultrasound cover

Curves and bleachers is clearly the area in which these products are most often used. Many supporters now identify themselves thanks to the flags that cover their sectors.

In production we have the possibility to add handles and / or with lateral reinforcements. The reinforcements allow greater resistance to the stresses to which they are inevitably subjected.

The handles, on the other hand, have a double role: they allow both to hold up the curve cover with the hands, and to fix it to a rod or handrail.

Fireproof curve covers

In addition to the classic ones we can also produce the fireproof model.

The flame retardant fabric is always a polyester, but heavier. The greater heaviness of the material allows to obtain from it even more resistance.

This model is also accompanied by a certificate that guarantees its non-combustion if subjected to an open flame.

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