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Stadium choreographies for ultras and sport teams. Flags with the logo of your team. Balloons, mini hands clappers, tubes for fans.

Material for choreography

For years we have had the honor of producing the most important choreographies for Italian and European ultras groups.

Direct production of choreographic material

What will you find in this section? Mainly you will find photos and videos of the material for choreographies that we have created over the years for many groups and fans, from Serie A to the amateur fields (and it is not always said that the smaller groups are outdone compared to the more famous ones).

In Italy we have made choreographies for Lazio, Inter, Rome, Udinese, Verona, Genoa, Naples, and still choreographies for Juve, Milan, Turin, Sampdoria, Bologna, Fiorentina and many other corners of Italy.

We have also created many sets in many European countries, starting from Germany and France, up to Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Spain and many others. Even in Malaysia and Indonesia …

Outside of football we have created choreographic material for fans of basketball, hockey, volleyball, MotoGP, Formula One, beach volleyball, biathlon and many more.

What material can you buy on our site?

We have a lot of material always ready in stock, starting from flags, balloons, checkered flags , silver sheets, glossy printed cards.
Much more can be made to measure in a few days, starting from our fantastic curve covers, flags and festoons.

Banners and patches

For years we have specialized in the production of single and patch banners. The material we use is a very resistant and anti-tear fabric, which lasts over time even when exposed to the outside for years and above all that does not deteriorate once folded on itself, even if this always happens in a different way.

Make noise

In our catalog you will also find whistles, noisy plastic hands, and above all 2 different models of noisy inflatable sticks. You can choose between the economic one-color version, or the customized one.

Now you just have to enter! Choose the material you like best and ask us for a quote. Do not forget to indicate the date of delivery of the goods, even if it is imminent. If we guarantee the production on time we always manage to satisfy the needs!